Pat Sajak’s Comments Spark Controversy

Some of “Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak’s comments have gone viral — and they’re sparking controversy.

Throughout the year, Sajak has repeatedly made subtle jabs at the more liberal celebrities in Hollywood, raising eyebrows.

After Jimmy Kimmel made an emotional plea for gun control following October’s Las Vegas massacre, Sajak quickly mocked the TV host on Twitter, Western Journalism reports.

“OK, let me explain this again: We’re celebs,” Sajak tweeted. “We’re wiser & more empathetic than you. We are famous. Please take our opinions more seriously.”

But it’s just one of the many times Sajak has sarcastically derided liberal celebrities.

“Looking forward to the next awards show/lecture,” Sajak wrote, after actress Meryl Streep gave a speech implicitly denouncing the president.

“Nobody abhors violence more than Hollywood, and nobody does more to glorify it,” he added in a separate comment.

He again took to Twitter during the inauguration protests.

“Unhappy about results of last week’s People’s Choice Awards,” he wrote. “Thinking of breaking Starbucks windows & trashing limos.”

“I wonder if the celebrities who moved out of the country will return for the demonstrations,” read another of his comments.

Sajak’s comments quickly sparked uproar online.

“Sorry Pat but I think less of you if you are really pleased with the Trump presidency,” wrote one person in All That’s News’ comments section. “He is really out of his element and pretty scary.”

Others thought it was unfair of Sajak to criticize other celebrities, arguing they have a right to free speech like everyone else.

“Last time I checked…they are constituents too,” argued another. “They live in this country so they have a stake in what the president does. They deserve to speak their opinions just like you and I. Their opinions are no more important than yours or mine they just have more visibility and a bigger platform because they are famous. That doesn’t mean they should have to be quiet and take it.”

Others disagreed and ardently supported Sajak’s stance.

“They have a right in their circles on their time,” commented one reader. “Not mine. If I go to a concert or a play or a sporting event the I PAY to see which pays their big salaries they have no right to offer me entertainment for money and then ruin my night with what I consider to be their idiotic views.”

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